¿Qué es la máquina de envoltura de flujo?

08 mayo 2023

In the current rapid economy, a packaging machine is essential in many industries, especially the food industry. Then, a variety of packaging machines are available in the market. Actually, what are they, and what can be used for? Fortunately, Soontrue, a flow wrapping machine manufacturer, would introduce one of the most popular packing machines in this post.

¿Qué es la máquina de envoltura de flujo?

A flow wrap machine is a type of high-efficiency packaging machinery that is designed to wrap a wide range of products in a flexible packaging material such as plastic film. During the packing process, the item would be conveyed by the machine's conveying belt to be sealed by a continuous tube of film. After that, the item would be fully sealed.

The flow packing machine is used in a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, to package products such as candy, snacks, biscuits, and other small items. They are capable of producing high-quality packages at high speeds and can be customized to meet the specific packaging needs of different products.

There are several types of flow wrap machines available, including horizontal flow wrap machine, vertical flow wrap machine, and rotary flow wrap machine. Each type of machine has its own unique features and capabilities, and the choice of machine will depend on the specific packaging requirements of the product being packaged.
For example, the horizontal flow wrap machine is a type of packing machinery implementing three tasks in the continuous motion ---- infeed and spacing of items, wrapping the film around the items, and then sealing and discharging the finished product.

¿Cuáles son los beneficios de la envoltura de flujo?

You may confuse why you use the flow wrapping and what it can benefit to your business. In this section, the author would tell you what are the advantages of using the flow wrapping.

●Haz crecer tu negocio

With high-efficiency packing machinery, you can react quickly to orders and pack large orders in very short periods of time, so as to reduce the packing time and improve working efficiency. Furthermore, you can use the saved time to handle other tasks.

●Crear productos de valor agregado

When you use the flow wrapper packaging machine to pack your products, you can find the quality of the package is better than the manual package. With such a good package, you can sell the product in a set instead of selling your products in bulk. Also, the customer may think your product is neat and then tend to buy your products.

● Reducir los costos de empaque por unidad

As we all know, every industry, especially the food industry, has fierce compeition. Then, flow wrap packing machine can make the full use of the packing material to prevent the material waste. And, the flow wrap packing material tends to affordable, so it would reduce the cost of the packing material.

Flow wrapping uses less packaging material than other packaging methods, which can help to reduce material costs and minimize environmental impact.


Flow wrapping can be used to package a wide range of products, from food items like candy and snacks to non-food items like medical devices and cosmetics.

● Reducir el costo de mano de obra

With the automatic packing line, you can hire less labor in the production line. Also, it can let the supervisors and management has more time to spend on higher-value activities.

● Garantizar la seguridad alimentaria

As the above mentioned, the flow wrap packing machine helps you build a automatic packing line, so there is no labor would directly touch the food. Flow wrap packages provide a protective barrier around the product, helping to prevent damage from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. Then, the flow wrap packing machine would prevent the food getting polluted and ensure the food safety. Then, for the retailers, it would reduce refunds to customers.


The flow wrap packing machine allows you to customize the package with printed graphics, branding, and other features to help promote the product and attract consumer attention.

¿Cómo diseñar para una máquina de envoltura de flujo?

Designing a flow wrapping machine requires careful consideration of several factors, including the size, shape, and weight of the product being packaged, as well as the type and thickness of the packaging material being used. In this section, the author would list some major factors that we take into consideration during designing a flow wrap packaging machine.

●Determinar las dimensiones del producto

Measure the product dimensions to determine the size of the packaging material needed to create the wrap. This will help to ensure that the packaging material is cut to the correct size and shape to fit the product.

●Elija el material de embalaje adecuado

Select a packaging material that is appropriate for the product being packaged and the specific requirements of the packaging application. Consider factors such as the strength, flexibility, and barrier properties of the material.

●Determinar el mecanismo de sellado y corte

Choose the appropriate sealing and cutting mechanism for the specific packaging application. The machine should be set up to ensure that the packaging material is cut and sealed in the correct position to create a properly formed package.

● Considerar la orientación del producto

Determine the orientation of the product in relation to the flow wrapping machine. Products should be positioned in the correct orientation to ensure that the packaging material is wrapped around the product correctly.

●Optimizar el proceso de envasado

Ensure that the packaging process is optimized for the specific product being packaged. Factors to consider include packaging speed, packaging material handling, and the placement of printed material on the packaging.

By following these steps, you can design a flow wrapping machine that will produce high-quality packages that meet the specific requirements of your packaging application. It's important to work closely with the machine manufacturer and packaging material supplier to ensure that the packaging design is optimized for the specific machine and materials being used.

¿Cuánto cuesta la máquina de envoltura de flujo?

The cost of a flow wrap machine can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type and size of the machine, its features and capabilities, and the supplier or manufacturer. If you want to get the specific price for the flow wrapper packaging machine, you can email us right now at machinerysales@soontrue.com!


All in all, the flow wrap machine plays a crucial role in the food packing industry. It not only ensure the food safety but also improve the working efficiency. Therefore, if you want to improve  your business, you can consider purchasing a flow wrap machine to help your business.