Hoy vi una poderosa línea de producción inteligente de empaques de papas fritas. | Máquina empacadora de chips

08 abr 2021

Recently, potato chips are relatively busy, and once became the central "person" of major hotspots. "Chicken Game Potato Chips" was born and quickly became a hit on the Internet; the concept of "potato chips only eat half" has also become a hot topic; if you want to tell the truth, it is Pepsi. A few days ago, PepsiCo announced a capital increase of nearly 100 million U.S. dollars to expand and renovate its food factory and add a new production line.
After eating potato chips for so many years, do you know how potato chips are packaged? Have you seen a smart potato chip packaging production line?
Potato Chips Intelligent Packaging Production Line" uses 14 parallel robots and intelligent vision to sort the baked potato chips by quantity and put them into plastic trays to enter the Chips Packing Machine for packaging. The advantages are obvious: powerful core technology, multiple intelligent equipment Go hand in hand. The production line uses powerful core technologies such as high-speed parallel robots, intelligent vision, superimposed suction pick-up devices, and intelligent control, and is equipped with key equipment such as parallel robots, smart cameras, pick-up devices, high-speed drop-off machines, and turnover mechanisms to realize the separation of baked potato chips. Picking and packaging.
High speed and high efficiency. In the past, robots used to pick up potato chips at most 100-120 pieces per minute, which was not only low in efficiency, but also high in equipment costs, making it impossible to achieve automated production. How can the sorting speed of this intelligent production line be "fast"? Each robot can sort and pick up to 300 slices per minute. 14 Delta robots and 14 smart cameras work together to sort and pack about 350kg potato chips per hour.
Green packaging is more hygienic and healthy. This production line effectively replaces manual sorting and packaging, making food packaging more hygienic and healthy. Its intelligent and automated production method improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and brings real economic benefits to the enterprise. At the same time, its green packaging avoids the possibility of secondary pollution and brings a good ecological environment. benefit.