¿Cómo funciona una envolvedora Box Motion Flow?

09 mayo 2024

Flow wrappers are pivotal players in the realm of packaging machinery, automating the process of wrapping products in flexible packaging materials. The box motion flow wrapper is notable for its distinct mechanism and efficiency among the different varieties of flow wrappers. This article aims to dissect the intricacies of a box motion flow wrapper.

Descripción de las envolvedoras de flujo de movimiento de caja

Definición y función

A box motion flow wrapper is a type of packaging machinery primarily utilized for wrapping products in flexible packaging materials such as plastic film. Unlike its siblings, the box motion flow wrapper has a specific motion profile that includes intermittent, box-like movements. This motion facilitates precise control over the packaging process, ensuring optimal product presentation and sealing quality.  

Proceso de trabajo de una envolvedora de flujo de movimiento de caja

The operation of a box motion flow wrapper can be elucidated through several key stages:
Product Feeding: The process commences with the feeding of products onto the infeed conveyor of the flow wrapper. Depending on the application, items can be manually loaded or coupled with upstream automated systems to ensure continuous feeding.
Film Unwinding: The packaging film is unwound from a roll positioned above the flow wrapper. The unwinding mechanism ensures a consistent supply of film throughout the packaging process, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency.
Film Forming and Sealing: As the product advances along the conveyor, the packaging film is formed around it to create a tightly sealed enclosure. The box motion mechanism is critical at this stage, providing fine control over the sealing process to fit a variety of product shapes and sizes.
Cutting and Discharge: Upon completion of the sealing process, the packaged product is severed from the continuous film using a cutting mechanism. The wrapped product is then discharged from the flow wrapper and ready for distribution or further processing.

Componentes de una envolvedora de flujo Box Motion

Here are the components of a box motion flow wrapper:

Transportador de alimentación

The infeed conveyor is the point where products enter the flow wrapper. Equipped with adjustable guides and sensors, the infeed conveyor ensures proper alignment and spacing of products, facilitating seamless integration with downstream packaging processes.  

Sistema de desenrollado de película

Central to the operation of a box motion flow wrapper is the film unwinding system, comprising a roll holder, tension control mechanism, and film tracking system. These components work in tandem to maintain consistent tension and alignment of the packaging film, preventing issues such as wrinkles or misalignment during the packaging process.

Mecanismo de movimiento de la caja

At the heart of a box motion flow wrapper lies its namesake mechanism, which orchestrates the intermittent, box-like movements essential for precise product sealing. Unlike other flow wrapper versions, which use continuous motion, the box motion mechanism provides more control and flexibility, making it excellent for packing fragile or irregularly shaped products.

Conjunto de sellado y corte

The sealing and cutting assembly is responsible for forming airtight seals around the packaged products and severing them from the continuous film. Depending on the application's specific requirements, the assembly may use heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or other sealing methods to guarantee optimal packing integrity and presentation.

Sistema de control

Complementing the mechanical components of the flow wrapper is a sophisticated control system comprising programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interface (HMI) panels, and sensors. The control system oversees various aspects of the packaging process, including speed regulation, temperature control, and fault detection, ensuring consistent performance and minimizing downtime.


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Envolvedora de flujo de movimiento de caja