Ventajas y ámbito de aplicación de la máquina automática de envasado de pan

08 abr 2021

The control elements of the automaticmáquina de envasado de pan have advanced electrical configuration, perfect intelligent control, precise mechanical transmission, and reasonable body structure, which can fully meet the packaging needs of many manufacturers. They are widely used in food, cold food, candy, medicine, and daily life. Chemical and other industries.
It can be used for packaging instant noodles, biscuits, steamed bread, moon cakes, twists, ham sausage, ice cream, quick-frozen food and other small foods.
1. Single or arbitrary packaging.
2. The efficiency of group packaging is high. For example, a heat shrinkable furnace can save a lot of labor and surrounding space. Japanese electrical components are used.
3. Equipped with anti-cut safety clutch device, which will not damage the packaging.
4. Bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted individually, which is convenient and accurate to operate.
5. It can be equipped with a coding machine or inkjet printer without the use of manual labor.
6. With motor brake control, the equipment responds responsively.
7. The chain conveyor may move or turn over when feeding.
8. A waste recycling device can be added to make the packaging more beautiful.